Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 6 - 12th July - Philadelphia

Breakfast smorgasbord in the hotel- paid for by the club this morning which was very nice. After breakfast there was a town meeting to talk about future conventions and where they will be held. It seems many want a mini one down in New Zealand - so Mike and I will organise that for the future.

Abbie came through from New Jersey to meet Kim and I. We know Abbie through her blog about her journey to cochlear implantation. She is absolutely gorgeous and it was fantastic to meet her. So much fun. Unfortunately I couldn't spend too much time with her as I was booked on the Philadelephia Art Museum Tour.

We met everyone in the lobby and caught the Philly Phlash, which dropped us off right outside the museum. We had a guide, and we were given receivers to wear around our neck. I plugged my cochlear audio cable directly into this and attached it to my implant. Heard perfectly - didn't even need to lipread. But the cable kept falling out out of the implant the connection is so loose and wasn't happy about this, particularly as it cost me $164!!!!

The Guide took us through several sections and concentrated on one or two art pieces in each section. It was absolutely fascinating, and have to say this is the best art museum I've ever been to. I was in awe with some of the art, and how old it all was. I feel NZ is sadly lacking in comparison! After the museum we headed back to the hotel in the Phlash. I really wanted to see the State Penitntiary but had no time, it was tooooo hot, I had sore swollen feet, without about 6 blisters that were bothering me.

Mike and I stopped for a shared Flatbread, then I went back up to my room and put my feet up for about 45 minutes. Back downstairs at 5.30pm and got to spend a bit more time with Abbie. Bid on the silent auction - and managed to win a set of three dri-brix for my CI dry-n-store. Paid $11 for 3, and they're $7.00 each in NZ!! Sat with Marianne and Martin Locke at the banquet.

Spent a bit of time in the lounge bar afterwards saying goodbyes then went upstairs and packed. Had to say Bye to Kim = very very sad. She lives in Seattle and one day I hope to get up to stay with her.


Marianne Lock said...

Hey, Robyn,
Martin and I really enjoyed meeting you! Hope to see you again next time you schlep to the U.S.!
Hugs, Marianne Lock

Abbie said...

You are beautiful inside and out, I am so glad that I met you :)