Thursday, July 23, 2009

CI 3 month Review - Hearing Like a Bat!

Just been to my three month review. Very little changed, my map is staying very stable which is really nice. After tweaking the high pitched electrodes in a very minor way, I was given did an aided audiogram test. The results of this was amazing. Maybe I'm not Robyn any more, maybe I'm Batman!!! Take a look...

This is pretty amazing as I don't think that at any time in my entire life, have I had as good hearing as this result today. This is like having 'normal' hearing - whatever normal is!!

But before you get really excited about this, remember this is just the test of hearing sound - at what level the sound is coming into the implant. It's not the test of my understanding of sound. Understanding of sound is revealed in the HINT setnence tests and CNC words (single words) test. Unfortunately the equipment wasn't being very well behaved today, so I go back next week for those tests. Watch this space!! Last test I got scores of 98% in the hint sentences and 62% for single words. It will be interesting to see if they have improved over the last month. Anything is possible!

But on the whole - I'm feeling very happy with the results of this. I have my Implant team to thank for the result too. My surgeons - Robert Gunn & Bill Baber, who placed the electrodes so carefully to give me maximum benefit. I'm sure they know the inside of my head there very well by now! My audiologist - Ellen Giles - without her expertise I wouldn't have such a great map. And to Gayle - who teaches me how to listen and hear with it all over again. Without them all I'd still be as deaf as a doorknob!