Sunday, March 18, 2012

'Naked Pregnant Women' and 'How to lose weight Fast'

I checked my blog statistics yesterday, and was surprised to find that in the last month I’ve had 8000 pageviews.  In fact it seems to be going up and up every day.  So I drilled into the statistics. I found that the blog that has had the most views is the Ron Mueck Art Exhibition.  It has had 11,581 people look at the blog since I put it up last year.  Phenomenal.  That’s way ahead in comparison with the others…

Added Dec 6, 2010
11,581 pageviews
Added June 30, 2008
2,547 pageviews
Added Aug 2, 2010
2,158 pageviews

The rest of my blog posts are under 1000 hits.

Time to do some more investigation on why the Art Exhibition is getting the attention.

Where are the pageviews coming from? 

Google USA
9,812 referrals
Google New Zealand
3,730 referrals
Google UK
2,739 referrals
Google Australia
1,117 referrals

Big numbers – so what are they googling?

Scary stuff!

Naked Pregnant Women
Naked Pregnant
Can you see the cat
Pregnant Naked
Perky Boobs
Naked Pregnant woman
Naked Women

  • The naked pregnant woman sculpture as a piece of art in my Art Exhibition blog, is probably disappointing a lot of men looking for something else.
  • I’m attracting a lot of men to my blog. 
  • Australians aren't into naked pregnant women as much as other western countries.
  • I am pondering ‘Can you see the cat’ 

It’s been suggested that I do a blog on ‘How to Lose Weight Fast’, to attract lots of women.  Not a bad idea really.  It’s simple.  Stop eating sugar and fatty foods!  (May I take on that advice for myself as well!)

Lastly, you may have noticed I now have advertisements on my blog.  Sorry about that, but I put these up late last year to see if it could cover my computer costs/internet costs.  I notice kiwibank is advertising there – they’re probably attracted to my large number of pageviews per month (8000).  I’m sad to say they will probably be disappointed in the 4 clicks they’ve had.  I’ve made a total of $1.85c. An average of 45c a month.  $5.40 a year.  I can see I won’t be a billionaire tycoon anytime soon, but I live in hope!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Rai Valley A & P Show

Liz and I arrived at the A&P show in Rai Valley a little before 9am. We had left home quite early to give us plenty of time to get there, as we were unsure what we would find after the storm the night before. We had even packed up essentials just in case we got stuck in flooding.  As it were, our fears were unfounded and although it was muddy, the rain had stopped by the time we got there, and as the day went on, we even got a tiny bit of blue sky.

Rai Valley is a small valley between Blenheim and Nelson, and rather beautiful.  It has the gorgeous Pelorus River, lush farmland, and is always a pleasure to drive through.  The art indicating male/female on the public loos there, is superb!

The show itself is held not far from the main road, and has a natural ampitheatre where the gymkhana events are held...

After judging the photo competition inside the hall, Liz and I got out cameras out and walked around the show, and talked to some of the gorgeous looking locals...

We watched some of the cows being judged, and I learnt that they're judged on the way they walk around their udders,  and their strong ligament at the back of them, so the udders don't droop as they get older.  Sounds like us women could do with those so we don't droop when we are older either!

The best part of the show was the Rai Challenge.  A team effort where one has to Shear a Sheep, Skin a Possum, and carry a Wild Pig around an Obstacle course.  The best team gets the following log of wood as a trophy.  I'm not sure who won it at the end, but it was a load of fun to watch and photograph.  I must warn you here though, that if you're squeamish, I advise you to stop looking at this blogpost now.  I also want to let you know, that Possums in New Zealand are pests - and the only good possum is a dead one.  They have no natural predators here, and are busy eating their way through our native forests, killing trees.  We have about 6 billion of them, and they're incredibly hard to get rid of.  Which is why they are hunted and we've turned possum fur into a million dollar industry.

Shearing the sheep was no problem for this man - he's obviously an old hand at it!

I watched and learnt how to skin the possum, as the process is the same for rabbits, and I wanted to know how so I can skin my cats catch.  The outcome would be a nice blanket for her.  Unfortunately she's stopped catching rabbits.  Perhaps she doesn't want a new blanket?

The obstacle course for the wild boar, probably caught the morning of the race.  Now this particular animal would have been about 60kg (or so I was told).  It was pretty big.  Marlborough area has lots of hunting areas - lots of bush/forests, and I know of some people that hunt as a way to top up their freezer when out of work.

The boar actually looks quite comfy...  But a lot of effort is being expended by the human!

The obstacle consisted on going downhill, then alongside a small track on the side of a hill, running, over a huge hay bale...
 Then through a concrete pipe...

What really impressed me was the women's team.  I thought this woman was the best sheep shearer - no nips or cuts and just as quick as the men - strong but gentle.  That's a woman for you.
This woman was actually better, neater and did a better job than the men at skinning the possum as well.
And hats off to the lady in the pink shirt.  She finished the obstacle course and it wasn't easy.  She must be incredibly strong.  That boar is hefty.
The time keeper assured me that the Rai Valley A&P show is the best one in the country, and his job was the most important, so important that he needed a photo.  I obliged!  He's probably right too.
The spectators were all dressed in their finery.  There should have been a prize for the most funky gumboots! Maybe I'll suggest it next year!  This lady would have won hands down.
Past the obstacle course was the classic car collection...
With a 1937 Chevvy...
And a line of very old tractors...  Most of them still went.  They were obviously built to last!

And a very old 1800s traction engine.  I think that's what the guy said it was.  If I'm wrong, please correct me.  This one has been restored to working order after lying around rusting at an old sawmill nearby.
No A&P show would be without the axe competition...
After a few hours, we headed indoors to see the results of the cake making competitions, and the kids artwork.  There was also a flower competition. This is one of the Dahlias on display.
No country show would be complete without the giant pumpkin competition.  This one came first...
Had a great time - and I'll be back next year.  Perhaps we should put in a team for the Rai Challenge - any of you readers up for it?  What about an Auckland Womens Team?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Weather Bomb of 3rd March 2012

New Zealand was hit by a Weather Bomb last night.  Or as I saw on Twitter a WMD (Weather of Mass Destruction).  Luckily Marlborough didn't get the worst of it, seems Taranaki did, but we were not unscathed.   I was totally unaware of it as I'm  totally deaf at night once I take out my cochlear implant, so I didn't hear the high winds. But I did suspect something was up as Cat decided to sit on my chest all night.  Heavily.  If I tried to sleep, she would paw me awake again!!

I was up early to for the drive to Rai Valley for the A & P Show.  Liz Davidson picked me up for our job to judge the photographic competition.  We had a great day, and I took many photos, which I will post up over the next day or two.  

However, on the way, at canvastown we came across this scene....

This is the first thing I saw as we travelled over the Bridge at Canvastown.  A tree had come down.


As the tree crashed down onto the bridge, a big articulated truck was driving past.  It hit the truck.  and the driver swerved....

Lost control and ended up going off the bridge, taking out the railing, and landing down the bank below...

It apparently happened at 4am.  However we stopped at the scene as we were unsure if it had just happened.  Fortunately someone was able to fill us in.

The truck driver walked away from this accident.  I hope he takes out a lotto ticket!

This image allows you to see just how steep that bank was - the truck must have absolutely flown through the air before landing on it's side.  It must have been pretty scary!

The storm was pretty much over by the time we got to the show, and although there was snow on the hills, and the sun didn't really shine, the heavy rain had gone, and we had a great day!