Sunday, March 18, 2012

'Naked Pregnant Women' and 'How to lose weight Fast'

I checked my blog statistics yesterday, and was surprised to find that in the last month I’ve had 8000 pageviews.  In fact it seems to be going up and up every day.  So I drilled into the statistics. I found that the blog that has had the most views is the Ron Mueck Art Exhibition.  It has had 11,581 people look at the blog since I put it up last year.  Phenomenal.  That’s way ahead in comparison with the others…

Added Dec 6, 2010
11,581 pageviews
Added June 30, 2008
2,547 pageviews
Added Aug 2, 2010
2,158 pageviews

The rest of my blog posts are under 1000 hits.

Time to do some more investigation on why the Art Exhibition is getting the attention.

Where are the pageviews coming from? 

Google USA
9,812 referrals
Google New Zealand
3,730 referrals
Google UK
2,739 referrals
Google Australia
1,117 referrals

Big numbers – so what are they googling?

Scary stuff!

Naked Pregnant Women
Naked Pregnant
Can you see the cat
Pregnant Naked
Perky Boobs
Naked Pregnant woman
Naked Women

  • The naked pregnant woman sculpture as a piece of art in my Art Exhibition blog, is probably disappointing a lot of men looking for something else.
  • I’m attracting a lot of men to my blog. 
  • Australians aren't into naked pregnant women as much as other western countries.
  • I am pondering ‘Can you see the cat’ 

It’s been suggested that I do a blog on ‘How to Lose Weight Fast’, to attract lots of women.  Not a bad idea really.  It’s simple.  Stop eating sugar and fatty foods!  (May I take on that advice for myself as well!)

Lastly, you may have noticed I now have advertisements on my blog.  Sorry about that, but I put these up late last year to see if it could cover my computer costs/internet costs.  I notice kiwibank is advertising there – they’re probably attracted to my large number of pageviews per month (8000).  I’m sad to say they will probably be disappointed in the 4 clicks they’ve had.  I’ve made a total of $1.85c. An average of 45c a month.  $5.40 a year.  I can see I won’t be a billionaire tycoon anytime soon, but I live in hope!


Morgan said...

Ha ha that is hilarious. My largest search term on my blog is "how to get abducted by aliens"... I attract people wearing tin hats apparently. Stranger is the thought that so many people WANT to be abducted!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd quite like to be abducted by aliens myself. But it's not the anal probe I'm after - it's a new world, new places to explore, wonderful photography . . .!

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