Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Bottled Blonde Moments of 2007

Thank goodness 2007 is over. My intentions this year is not to have as many blonde moments as I did last year. I had so many in 2007 I must be up for an award!! Im almost too embarrassed to list some of them, but I will as hopefully I'll be able to look back and laugh, and perhaps this will also set a standard for 2008 :)

1). I turned up for a bbq a full day early. I obviously didn't want to be late!!

2). I put my car through the car wash, when finished, missed the green light to exit, and my car ended up being washed again courtesy of the ticket from the car behind me! I was so embarrassed and I now hold the record of the fastest exiting car from the vicinity!

3). Before my implant stopped working, I answered the phone and put the phone to the wrong ear - the one that hasn't heard anything for 16 years, and proceeded to try and have a conversation. Duh!

4). I locked the keys in my car in this really really remote area of Northland of New Zealand. I was rescued by a local by running after them waving my arms as they were driving off. You can read about it and see the photos here: The Kindness of Strangers

5). Broke my finger while visiting a friend in Nelson, while getting into her car. I put my left hand on the roof of the car to balance me as I went in. Left it there, then reached over with my other hand, grabbed the door handle, and slammed the door shut - with my hand still on the roof of the car. Double Duh! This is the photo I had taken just before I did this...

6). I forgot to put the handbrake on my car when I parked in the Shore City Carpark. I got back to the car after shopping, to find the security guard had put a lump of wood behind my back wheel to stop it from rolling into the cars opposite. Fastest exit speed out of that carpark in embarrassment!

7). I dribbled in front of my ENT doc while talking to him. How on earth did I do this? Even more embarrassing he pointed it out and said we all dribble at times! Ever wanted the earth to swallow you up? I have no idea how it happened!!

8). Bought a Christmas present for my Dad and as I was wrapping it up, realised I had bought the same thing last year for him!! Duh!

Is there any hope for me??? Should I dye my hair back to Brunette?


mysticwit said...

May the best of 2007 be the worst of 2008 for you!

Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

myeh... I won't even begin to list my bloopers.. it would take too long and fill up too much space! :D IM

Bron said...

I am beside myself with laughter and just about choked on my coffee. Sorry to laugh at your expense but this is hilarious. Can I send you to wash my car so I can get it back double clean?.... I'll even supply wood blocks for parking and have the door frames removed.... :-)

Robyn said...

oh - I was going to offer to break your finger :)


Robyn said...

I forgot to ask - did you blow your coffee out of your nose when you laughed?


Bron said...

I thought I might try dribbling....

Henry K. said...

In 2007 I locked my car keys in the car twice. Both times with the car running.

I guess those could be called "bald moments."

Robyn said...

That's as good name as many for those 'moments'. Someone keeps telling me they're actually senior moments. I'm so glad I'm deaf and don't have to listen to them :)


kw said...

Oh my God!! You are too funny!! I died laffin at your blonde moments. So sorry. . .Hope 2008 is a better year, and YES-- maybe you SHOULD died your hair brunette.


Fiaenn said...

I think everyone has blonde moments sometimes :D If they didn't make harm to anyone, it's not bad :D