Tuesday, July 29, 2008

26th July - San Bruno

We had a day at Steven's yesterday - Steven went off to help a friend with a roof, while I slept in and caught up with some sleep, caught up with emails and my blog, did 3 loads of washing (ugh - even on holiday I have to do laundry!!), read my book - finished it, snoozed, and generally lazed around all day long. It was absolute bliss, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. In fact, even now, I would like nothing better than to blob out on my sofa in my lounge all day - but thats a few more days away yet.

Steven came home around 8pm, and he and Stacey brought dessert, and another friend Rachel to meet us. Dessert was from the Cheesecake Shop (Yum), and they picked up Key Lime Flavour - oh bliss bliss. It was beautiful. Later on we realised we hadn't eaten so Steven cooked us up some Soup - so we ate dessert first - thats okay though - life is uncertain so you should always eat dessert first! We talked well into the early hours of the morning so was pleased to hit the sack, but was very sad to say goodbye to Stacey whom I've felt like I've known for years already.

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