Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day one - USA

Flight was very long - in the past 48 hours I think I've only had about 4 or 5 hours of sleep - snatched when I can only. The flight was uneventful except for an arrogant kiwi male sitting behind me who stole my blankets while I was sleeping, and my pillow when I put my head forward for a minute. I got it back the first time, but the second time he stole it while I was sleeping!!! I asked the hostess for another one and she made him give it back to me. The cheek!!

Flying into SFO youculd see a little of the gorgeous coastline but was very 'foggy'. The fog was actually smoke from all the bush fires.

We flew through customs and USA immigration. Paul was waiting for us wearing the Tshirt he bought off Redbubble of mine so he was easily recognisable. He had a surprise for us in the form of a stretch Limo which took us from the airport to his place in 90 minutes. This stretch limo was a super stretch one - and just the three of us in the back!! He's ordered it to take us to the airport at Sacremento tonight too - picking us up in an hour.

It was a pleasant 22C in SFO when we arrived, so nice after our storm antarctic winter storms in NZ. However it was not so balmy in Stockton where Paul is - it was a boiling furnace and 38C. Paul tells us that we picked the hottest day to arrive. I seem to make a habit of picking extreme weather, as wehn I arrived in Montreal in 2006, I arrived at the coldest - minus 31C. However I think I'd take the Minus 31 over plus 38 any day!

As soon as we refreshed ourselves with a COLD shower we ordered a taxi and popped down to the mall and got something to eat. We were also desperate for some cold air-conditioning. Shopping with 2 men is no fun. Will have to go back on my own!

After dinner at the mall, we went to T-Mobile and got served by two men in bright pink shirts. Mike and I bought a phone each so we can at least txt each other in case one of us gets lost or separated. Cheap as chips - a Nokia 6710 was $29.99 plus $25 prepay. We can dial 611 when we leave to have the phone unlocked for free for use in NZ. So Anne - don't worry about buying a new Nokia - I have one here for you on my return.

We're about to head out shortly for the philadelphia part of our trip - the Say What Club hearing loss convention and will be on that side of the US for 8 days. A little cooler than here, no stingy eyes from the smoke, but humid so probably just as hot as 38C!!

Flight is at 12.15am and I'm so tired!

Will update blog when I can.


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