Sunday, July 27, 2008

21st July - San Luis Obispo - San Diego

We had a great breakfast. I wandered outside again in the hope to get a photograph of a humming bird but there were none to be seen. We left around 9am. Stopped for photos before we had even left the property! Such a gorgeous area. We left the freeway and went into San Luis Obispo township itself. Gorgeous township. WE found a Sports Authority store and stopped in there. I finally managed to get my pair of Teva Walking Sandals I had been trying so hard to find. They were on sale too so very pleased. I also bought some casual shoes, so thats two pairs of old shoes I can now throw out while I'm over here, which was my intention all along.

Got back on the road at 10.30am. Stoped again at Carpenteria State Beach for a coffee and a sandwich. Looks beautifully tropical - white sands and tall palm trees. From there we started heading inland to LA, but got a bit lost, so got back off the US101 and took the 23 South over the Santa Monica Mountains back to the coast. I was driving - snd found the mountains a little hairy - narrow roads, very windy - very steep but beautiful views so glad we did it. We came out just north of Malibu - so filled up with gas and then headed to the beach. Malibu beach and the area was beautiful. Huge homes, white sands. I kept my eye out for George Clooney in the hope I could bring him back to NZ. But no luck unfortunately. Sigh!

Back into the car and carried driving down the coast. Stopped at Santa Monica Pier. Parking cost $8 (gulp) but we decided we're only here once and for a short time so let's do it. Walked over the sand, under the pier, then up onto the pier on the other side. Wandered through the games/rides and up to the top of the wharf. Then back to the car. All very lovely and so nice to see it in person after seeing it in movies so many times.

We left at 4pm (rush hour in LA), and got onto the 405 South away from the coastline. Decided that we just needed to get to San Diego now. You think Auckland traffic is bad? Try driving in 8 lanes each way of bumper to bumper traffic. I will never complain about Auckland's traffic woes again. Well - not for a month anyway!

Onto the CA 73 which turned into the I5 South. I'm so amazed that each freeway merges onto another freeway, which merges onto another freeway. We have a lot to learn in NZ :) We stopped at Oceanside (I think that's where Grease was filmed), and had dinner at Spanky's Pizza. Sounds a bit suss but they are world famous for their 28 inch pizza's. You have to see it to believe it - it was simply HUGE. WE didn't have one but did see others that did. Back onto the freeway all the way to San Diego Airport where we had trouble locating the car rental place to drop of the car. Finally found it after about an hour of driving. After paying for the rental car, they provided us with a free shuttle to the airport, where we then picked up an Airport Shuttle to our hostel. Hostel is a big place, clean, secure, $25 a night including breakfast. I hit the sack straight away - too tired, but Mike went out and pounded the pavements looking for a beer and meal. Guess I'm showing my age!!

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