Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 8 - 15th July - Quiet Day

Had a quiet morning sorting out luggage and printing out maps for the next part of our trip. Booked a hostel in Sacramento. Jazzy went to the gym, and when she got back she dropped me off at a masseuse to work on my terrible feet. So swollen. The masseuse was wonderful - the team masseuse for the New Jersey Jets.

I was picked back up again half an hour later. Jazzy took us to an ATM so we could get more cash, then took us to lunch at a family restaurant. Lovely. After lunch she drove us to her sisters in Winchester County where we spent the day by the pool swimming and talking and having a great day.

After dinner we had had dessert - the Great American Apple Pie. Jazzy then drove us to Macy's where I managed to pik up the fossil watch I had wanted last xmas, for $61. It was $120 on sale in NZ so I was pleased with that.

Back to Jazzy's to pack - spent until 2.30am finalising Sacramento and helping Mike pack and throw out lots of stuff that wasn't necessary to cart back to NZ.

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