Sunday, July 27, 2008

25th July - San Diego - San Francisco

Shuttle was on time. Yawn. Too early for me. Got to the airport at 5.00 and was through check in and security by 5.20am. Our flight wasn't until 6.30am. So found some breakfast food and a cup of tea and had that. Thank goodness I did that because we got no food on the plane. Nothing except water. Flew Virgin airlines. New plane, but made a terrible scraping
noise as it went down the runway. I told Mike that was his suitcase wit his leather boots dragging as they couldn't fit it in the plane.

The plnae had little TV's behind the screen like the international flights, but if you wanted to watch a movie you had to pay $7.00. We did find a free CNN channel to watch, but it was a little disconcerting watching the news about the Qantas flight with a hole in the fuselage while we were flying to San Francisco. In the end I turned it off and tried to sleep for an hour. Rested my head on my hand over one of my eyes - and fell asleep. When I woke up the pressure on my eye meant everything was blurry for about an hour - couldn't see at all!!

Steven picked us up - I lost Mike again as I thought he was behind me - but he was using his phone so didn't see me as I thought he did. Steven found him though so that's okay. PIcked up our luggage then piled into Steven's car, and came back to his place. It felt like we were 'home' again. We then reorganised ourselves, and Steven drover us out to Muir Woods- the large redwood park famous in San Francisco. We went via the Golden Gate bridge and took photos. At Muir woods we walked the main track - very peaceful and beautiful. We saw and photograhed two wild deer - one still with its spots - Bambi :) We lost Mike again at Muir Woods but found him again shortly after! After leaving Muir woods we went to Stinson Beach - highway one but north instead of south. Had lunch in a bar and grill - very nice. I was starving as it was now 2pm and we hadn't eaten since 5.30am. Drove back towards San Francisco stopping at various viewing places for photos.

Went into San Francisco and parked car in North Beach area then walked for miles taking photos of the architecture to the Ferry buildings where we met Stacey - Steven's partner. Walked through Little Italy, Chinatown, Vietnam area and the sex shop area as well. All very very interesting! And yes - we went into one of the sex shops to check out prices and see what goodies Americans have! We didn't buy anything though!!! We then caught a taxi to our Italian Restaurant where we were booked into and had such a fun night of laughing, joking, teasing and eating. I ordered a Lobster Lasagne - was very beautiful but too rich after all my porridge eating!! Could only eat a tiny amount. After dinner walked back tot he car and we dropped Stacey at home, then came back to Steven's. Had a couple of Kahlua's then hit the sack.

it's now 25th July - and we're having a quiet day today - doing emails, catching up on washing, snoozing, reading and rejuvenating our stumps! We head back to San Francisco City tomorro where we have about 3 days in the city itself. Running out of dosh so am being careful now. Got to leave a bit for Hawaii :)


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