Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day three - 9th July - Philadelphia

Met everyone at breakfast. Breakfast took 1 hour to arrive - terrible service in this hotel. After breakfast Mike, Paul, Kim, Ruth-Ann and I walked to the visitors centre and caught the zoo shuttle - the Phlash (philly flash) for $2. It's America's first zoo, smaller than Auckland's, but had some incredible animals in it. I enjoyed the rare animal encounter and got some (hopefully good) photos of the very rare monkey called a langur (coche or something). They also had a great reptile and amphibian encounter - of which there were bright purple poisonous frogs and lots of huge snakes! We finished at the zoo at 1.30pm, and picked up the shuttle. Mike and I got dropped off at the Reading Terminal Market while the others went on back to the hotel.

Market was great- I went to the amish food stall and had a roast turkey sandwich ( a half portion though ) and finished with the genuine apple dumpling. The apple dumpling was divine. We wandered through the market then wandered up the main street (Market Street). It was so hot that we had to keep going into different shops to cool down in their air-conditioning. By the time I got back to the hotel, I was soaked in perspiration - it was about 36C plus 99.99999% humidity. Ugh. Got back to hotel at 5pm and had a swim to cool down in the roof top pool.

Registration party (start of convention) started at 7pm. Mike and I took the NZ wine we had with us and offered up a NZ wine tasting. It went down very well!! Talked to everyone until 11pm then hit sack!


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