Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 5, 11th July - Philadelphia

Breakfast had been so terrible the day before we got up an hour earlier and headed down to Cosi with Kim and Lorne and had omelette sandwiches instead. Much more filling, and healthier than the 9g sat fat yoghurts on offer!

Workshops in morning. After the workshops, I took Kim, Paul, and Lorne to Elthrey's Alley as they couldn't find it. So here is a NZer leading around Americans!!! I wanted to go back as some of my photos didn't turn out. There is something very very wrong with my camera - its not focusing properly. Will get it looked at in New York.

After Elthrey's Alley we caught the Phlash to Reading Terminal market - no way we were going to walk - far too hot. So hot Mike took off his shirt. We came across some state police in bright yellow shirts on bicycles. I took a photo so they came over to check us out. I explained I was from NZ, and they let me take more photos of them. I jokingly asked if it was legal to walk around topless and pointed at Mike. One of them said.. 'If I had a body like yours I'd be walking around with my shirt off too!!'

Hmmmmmmmmmmm !!

Had lunch in the Reading Terminal Market back at the Amish stall again. I had another apple dumpling. At this rate I'm going to turn into a dumpling but they are so divine. After lunch caught the Phlash to the Mutter Museum - the medical anomaly museum with Mike & Paul. Very interesting stuff - I didn't know humans could grow horns! From there we walked back to the hotel - about 24 blocks all up - a long way - very very hot and I was really grumpy when I got back as my feet were killing me. They still haven't recovered - they are twice the size they should be and very painful. This happened last time I was in America too, so wonder if it's the combination of walking and flying.

Had Dinner wth Dwyane and Cheryl from Ohio - whom I've been talking to for about 12 years online. So nice to meet them after all this time. Also met up with Lori Singer - another american from another list I'm on who heard I was in town and came looking for me!!! Another late night socialising at the bar!!

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