Tuesday, July 29, 2008

27th July - San Francisco

Wasn't up toooooooo early this morning - 9am! We finalised our packing, then had the leftover cheesecake for breakfast (oink oink). We had some porridge too! See - told you I'm turning into porridge! Steven then dropped us at our backpackers hostel in Union Square. It's a bit of a dump, but clean, and we have our own room where we can lock up - so it's safe. Close to the shops so thats good too. After dropping off our luggage, we headed up to Circuit City. I was finally able to get Wendy's birthday present there at a reasonable price. We then walked down to the downtown area and went window shopping. I enjoyed it at Sak's fifth Avenue. Particularly at the Jimmy Choo's handbag section. Handbags only $2300 usa. Thought about getting one each for all my female friends. It's the thought that counts isn't it?

Picked up some lunch in the Macy's foodcourt - we went to a mexican place - yummy food and the chef is apparently famous, but obviously not famous enough for me to know about it downunder! Wandered around Macy's store - tried on a few of the sale clothing, but didn't buy anything - I actually think I'm too tired to appreciate anything. Saw lots of clothes that Anne and Wendy would love - but they're not here to try them on - all clothes on sale - 60% reduce so some real bargains in there. By this time it was close to 6pm - and it is FREEZING in SFO. I only had a tshirt on - so we headed back to the hostel.

Caught up on emails and started reading another book. I've had it. Actually to be honest - I want to come home now. I've had enough of sightseeing, walking, shopping, and sleeping in hostels. I'm sure if I get a decent nights sleep tonight I will feel more energetic for tomorrow's plans. We're doing the double decker sightseeing tour around the city - stops at 12 different places and we can get on/off all day long. Nothing planned for Tuesday - would like to go to Yosemite but it's too expensive at $130 for the day. Alcatraz was completely booked out - we tried to book it over a week ago and it was booked out then. We have most of the day on Wednesday too before we fly out at 7pm for Hawaii for 3 days. I want to lie on the beach and do nothing!!

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