Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 2 - 8th July - Stockton - Philadelphia

The Stretch Limousine arrived on time and took us out to Sacramento airport - another hour of travelling. Just as well we got food at the mall as nothing was open at the airport.. We flew in an old old continental plane- no games or videos, and only a drink and a bag of nuts. Slept maybe for an hour - but very uncomfortable. I have to admit I was jealous of business class on this flight!

Landed at Houston. Huge huge airport - big food courts, shops for miles, and miles and miles of walking to get to our terminal to get the next plane. Stopped for breakfast - yoghurt and a banana - nothing else appealed. Too much fried stuff here - no wonder some Americans are huge. Went into a an amazing leatherware shop - hats at $415 and boots at $350 all covered in rhinestones!

After breakfast found our gate and boarded straight away. Arrived Philadelphia 12.00 noon, found baggage and got a $10 shuttle to our hotel. Remembered a little of Philadelphia from last trip when we drove past it on the way to DC. Beautiful city - university area was fascinating.

Checked in, but my room wasn't available, but we found some of the convention attendees - easy to spot - just look at ears - if they're wearing hearing aids/implants - you can be sure they're one of us. We wandered along and found a food court and had lunch (Bourse House). When I got back room was ready so I went up and slept from 2 to 5pm. Left a note for Kim (my room mate) to wake me up when she got in from Seattle.

Got up and dressed and went to Lobby and met Wayne Roorda - a volunteer for Advanced Bionics (like my voluntary work with Cochlear) and he took me out for dinner. I've known Wayne for many years on another email list, but not this SWC Convention one - it was merely a coincidence that he found out I was in PHL for this convention and he happens to live there.

Man it's hot in PHilly - very humid. After dinner the heavens opened and a huge thunderstorm which did cool down the weather a bit. Sat in the pub after dinner and talked to lots of people until 1.am. Woke up at 5.30am!!! Argh! I need more sleep!!!


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