Sunday, July 27, 2008

23rd July - San Diego

Up early again today - but Tiffany at Hooters must have worn him out as he took ages to get ready so didn't get away until 10am. We got on the trolley bus near our hostel and got off at San Diego's Old Town. Wandered through Old Town for a bit. It was very hot, then got tickets for the Old Town Trolley Bus City tour. It takes you around the whole of San Diego and you can get and off as you please.

We got off first at the harbour by the Maritime Museums. Denis Conners racing boats were on display and you could pay (through the nose) to ride on them. We decided not to. Back on the bus and passed the USS destroyer museum. Got off at Seaport Village and wandered around. Too expensive so just had a yoghurt icecream and sat in the shade and listened to a woman wailing - I mean singing. Back on the bus again, and over the Coronado Bay Bridge. Got off at Coronado hotel and walked along the promenade along the beach front. Mike pretended to be a guest of the hotel and went in and used their facilities to get changed (hotel guests only). He went for a swim, while I lay on the beach in the sun for half an hour. Water was dirty - oily from the naval base/shipyeards. After the swim Mike once again pretended he was a guest and went in and used their towels and showers while I sat primly outside!!

The hotel was fantastic - we wandered through it afterwards, and had a beer at the bar and pretended to live the life of Riley for a while. Afterwards, walked back to the bus and got the ride back to Oldtown via Balboa Park. Got to Oldtown about 4.15pm and then caught the Number 9 bus to Seaworld. We were rather shocked at the price of Seaworld, $61 so visited the 'guest relation' desk. Explained we were from NZ and only had a few hours (which we did), and that we were deaf. The result was that we got in for half price $30.50. A much better price.

Seaworld was huge. My feet were killing me. Mike had blisters. I think this meant that we didn't enjoy it as mjch as we would have liked. However we walked around taking photos - sea otters, orcas, beluga whales, turtles polar bears dolphins. Had some dinner, went on the arctic Ride then rushed over to be on time for the 8pm Shamu Show (Shamu RocksO. Very good but my photos won't turn out - got a bit dark. Left that and went by the moray eel's. Got to touch one - very slimy! I didn't think they would feel slimy - I expected it to be more like a shark skin - but no - slimy slimy - ewww!

Took the #8 bus back to oldtown, and jumped on the trolley bus back to our hostel at 10pm - 12 hours of walking. I have no feet left. You can call me stumpy!

Found out the manager of Lucky D's hostel where we're staying is a kiwi - and co-incidentally comes from Northcote - and lives in Lake Road - the same road as me. How coincidental is that??? - Almost as coincidental as bumping into the Restalls in London Picadelly Tube at Rush hour 25 years ago!!

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