Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 7 - Philadelpha - New Jersey

Now starts the vacation part of the trip. Kim woke me up at 3.00am to say a final bye as she left to go to the airport to catch her flight home. She emailed me later to say that the hotel wanted to pay for the whole room, even though Cathy had already paid my share of it, and had the receipt. They ended up having to wake Cathy up at 3.15am to come down and sort it out, and apparently Cathy was really pissed off with the Hotel (and quite rightly so!) While this was going on I slept upstairs blissfully unaware of the problems I was causing!!

We meet Jazzy at 8.30am for breakfast in the hotel. Ate, got luggage, packed up car, checked out and vroomed up the freeways to New Jersey in Jazzys hot sports car. Unfortunately we couldn't put the top down as we had too much luggage. It took about 90 minutes to get to Jazzy's home in Little Falls, New Jersey. I actually recognised landmarks as we got close to her place so obviously my memory is still intact!

We unpacked a bit and then Jazzy took us to a New Jersey diner for lunch. Great food, not expensive and NJ diners are meant to be very unique in the USA. She then took u to a mall and I bought some New Balance running shoes for $34.00 (eat ya heart out running team!!), and also 3 pairs of Levi's. No tax on clothing in NJ and Levi's are wonderfully cheap. Back to Jazzy's for a lovely swim in the pool then got onto emails - have to yet book a hostel in Sacramento, and a rental car. I wonder if we could persuade USA to drive on the left for 3 weeks while I'm there???

For dinner we were taken to a moroccan restaurant in MontClair, NJ. It was absolutely divine food and finished with a refreshing mint tea - almost a syrup.

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