Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 10 - 17th July - Sacramento

We were up early and walked with our luggage the 4 or so blocks to the hostel. Much much nicer - clean, airy - an old victorian villa. It was fantastic and only $23 a night. While we are not exactly 'youth' we could still stay there. Our room wasn't quite ready - so we placed our luggage in storage and hit the streets of Sacramento. First up was breakfast. We found an amazing place called Jim's Denny's, a little outpost a few blocks away and a very historic landmark. Breakfast consisted of a pancake - bigger than the dinner plate it came on, and some hash browns. NOt very healthy I know but we were hungry. People there were really friendly, and I finally got a cup of tea I could call 'tea'. We couldn't eat all our breakfast so got a 'doggy bag' to feed the squirrels down in the park.

Walked to the State Capitol building and tried to feed the squirrels, but they weren't interested. Didn't even want to be photographed, so dumped the doggy bag in the trash and carried on. Wandered through the State Capitol building, home of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Very impressive. Then wandered back up the other way to Enterprise Rentals and booked a mid size car for tomorrow.

Back down past Capitol Building and wandered through a mall that took us to Old Sacramento. Very interesting - old buildings, fantastically historic place. Very hot - about 37C by 2.00pm. Mike wanted to walk through a museum. I had had enough though - the heat had sapped all energy and we had been walking since 8.00am. We headed back to the mall and air-conditioning. I wandered through Macy's but couldn't find anything I liked, but I did find the shop for those nice body lotions and got a few presents. Wandered around the mall until about 5.00pm. Walked back to the hostel. I was too tired for dinner so just made up some porridge. Mike went out with another hosteller, and hit the sack - was asleep by 9pm!!!

The bargain of the trip was a pair of Guess Sunglasses. They were $40.00. But they had a sale sticker on them so I asked their price. They scanned them and they were $8.57. I took them!!!!

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