Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Kasteel de Haar and Kinderdijk

We hired a car for the day and headed out into the dutch countryside. First stop was this lovely little village not far from Kasteel de Haar. We were going to stop for a coffee, but unfortunately a crowd of classic car enthusiasts arrived at the same time of us, so we decided to wait until our next stop. We got out and stretched our legs and walked around in the sunshine though.


I love all the trees lining the roads...

If it wasn't for the endless flat landscape, this could be a scene in New Zealand..

More beautiful treelined roads..

And then the Kasteel de Haar. Beautiful castle and gorgeous gardens surrounding them. It was built from around 1892 and the restoration project was funded by the Rothschild family.

Might have to put a garden like this on my front lawn...

Beautiful. Maybe I should have a moat around my place too - will keep my grass green in summer!

After walking around the castle and gardens we all sat down for coffee in the castle grounds.

Michel was looking very happy.

We then drove (well I drove one car and Michel the other), to Kinderdijk to see the windmills. I took lots of photos!  By this time the blue skies had disappeared but it made for more drama!

Nikki posing for her photo!

Then my mother decided to she wanted to climb up and have hers taken as well. I thought at one stage she'd end up in the canal.

We then drove back to Amsterdam, then took an Uber taxi to North Holland and went out for dinner, meeting up with the Carter Clan. On the way had a gorgeous sunset...

And here we all are waiting for our last supper in the Netherlands together. It's been so much fun.

Dee had been in Paris overnight, and very kindly bought back some wonderful French Pastries, so some of us ended up on their houseboat on the Amsterdam Canal afterwards for a cuppa and some of those french goodness! The French can really do their pastries! I think we got home at 1.00am. Zzzz!

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