Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Matera to Amsterdam

We packed up fairly early, I walked 2km uphill to get the car and brought it down to our cave to pack up. My exercise for the day! Then we drove 3 hours through the Italian countryside seeing scenes like below the whole way. Beautiful. We were careful not to use the toll roads this time as it cost us 20 Euro from Naples to Bari at the beginning of the trip. This way we saved money, AND saw the real Italy.

Lots of ancient villages at the top of the hillsides...

This was our trusty little car. Turned on a dime. Park anywhere. Brilliant.  I want one. Although it was a bit scary when cars hurtled past you at 150kmh, and you tried to merge onto rotateria's (no one gives way - you just have to merge into the chaos!)

I loved Italy, and miss it already. We're now in Amsterdam. It was great seeing all the family last night, and we're catching up with them today at the Windmill Brewery at four!

Italy - see you on the 28th!

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