Thursday, September 8, 2016

Barcelona to Girona, to Besalu, to Castellfollit de la Roca

\We were up and out at 8AM to explore the area behind the Cathedral. There were recommendations from Amy for breakfast. She was right.  The coffee was good, and opposite was Santa Clara who had brilliant pastries...

After we had eaten we wandered round the alleyways for half an hour before heading back to the apartment to pack for our next days adventure...
 Although we couldn't resist some last minute images of the Barcelona cathedral... A side door...

And the front. First thing int he morning is a good time to do photography in Barcelona, as the tourists haven't woken up yet!

We then picked up our rental car from the airport, and headed first to Girona.  I had been there before but wanted to show Steven and Nikki.  Parking was problematic, but we finally found an uncdercover place, then walked over the bridge into the Old Historic Town..

I loved girona last time, and loved it all over again this time.  LIttle alleyways with narrow staircases linking up strets as they climbed twoards the cathredral.

We were worried about how expensive the parking was going to be, so we limited ourselves for an hour in Girona. As it was the parking wasn't that expensive, but we did get stuck in the parking building while we worked out how to pay to exit!

We then drove to Besalu. A medieval town dating back to the 10th Century of Roman Origin. Still in remarkable preservation an really interesting to walk around...

I found a grave, which I'm assuming to be a Knights final resting point.  I couldn't find any information though.

This is part of the original wall that surrounded Besalu...

After wanding around Besalu for several hours, we then hopped in the car and drove to Castellfollit de la Roca where we are staying for one night.  This villave is up on basalt cliffs and is stunning. We bought a bottle of wine for 1.10 - a tempranillo, nd had it on the deck overlooking this view!

This is just around the corner from where we are staying, Ancient!

Tomorrow we're off to Rupit and then on to Zaragoza.

PS the 1.10 euro wine was not too bad considering the price!

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Denise Manning said...

Like the reflections ones best, we have had snowfall all around us today