Tuesday, September 6, 2016


We were all up early this morning, packed our hand luggage as light as we could in preparation for two weeks away from Netherlands. Michel drove us to the airport. Of note was the guards checking the odd car for bombs, dressed in full gear complete with machine guns. 

Security through Schipol was pretty tough, but I would rather that than lax measures.  The flight to Barcelona was two hours - very smooth and we shared a taxi to the Airbnb we are staying at which is in the heart of the Old Town or Gotic Centre. This is the photo taken out our window when we got here.  The floor is obviously on a lean!

The first thing we did was go to the La Boqueria market for some food.  We also had a Gelato afterwards, only because it is so hot - at 30C.

The markets were interesting, packed with all kinds of food, and also packed with people looking for something to eat!

Walking through the alleyways, nearly every door has graffiti over it...

The streets are really pretty...

This is La Rambler - one of the main streets...

Little narrow side streets are everywhere, tempting me to get lost...

We walked through this street several times - stopping all the time at the shoe shops.  Prices range from about 5 euro through to 90 Euro.  Not bad at all.  I haven't bought anything yet as my feet are two swollen from the flight, heat and the sore ankle..

This is one of the shops which is beautifully done up in side. I wasn't allowed to take a photo, but when she wasn't looking I snuck a phone image.  As you do!

More Graffiti and an interesting door knocker,..

Next to the Cathedral we found a historic building which is used for the City's archives..

From the cathedral steps you can look at the apartment we are staying at.  11th window across from left, one down. (3rd floor)

The Cathedral was very impressive inside. Huge too. I didn't know what to look at!

I accidently came across the lift which enabled us onto the rooftop for more photos of Barcelona...

After the cathedral we went back to the apartment  We all fell asleep for a few hours.  When we woke we headed back down La Rambler and had Tapas and Sangria and copious amounts of water.  I hope it'cooler tomorrow!

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Denise Manning said...

Nice work, Jeremy is going to Spain on Friday with his Sheik and hopes to see some bull fighting on his birthday which is Sunday. ENJOY