Monday, September 5, 2016

Exploring Amsterdam - Day 2

Today we were once again a bit slow in the morning.  Steven, Nikki and I took a Uber to the Microbes Museum after breakfast - which ended up around 11.30am!  The Microbes Museum or Micropia was fascinating. We spent a couple of hours looking down microscopes and playing with interactive technology.  My favourite part was watching how Probiotic soaps worked, as opposed to antibacterial soaps.  I also loved the bedbug - taken with my cellphone down a microscope...

As soon as we finished in Micropia, we used antibacterial wipes to wash our hands cellphones, bag handles!  It had got us paranoid of bacteria!!

Afterwards we walked to the Coffee Salon to meet up with Michel and Anne.  It was a bit of a walk, and although I asked directions twice, I was always in the right direction which is pretty good for me. This is the Amstel River which we crossed. I have photos of the same river from a couple of years ago.

After a great Flat White at the coffee salon - probably the best flat white I've had for a while, we walked back into town, passing this beautiful remake of Rembrandt's 'Night Watch'.  It was really well done, and lots of people were getting photos..

Then it was through the flower markets, stunning place, all along the canals.  Shame I can't bring Tulip bulbs back to NZ - there were so many of them!

Then it was to the Canal House museum where we learned about the history of Amsterdam and how it was built, and in particular the foundations and why some of the buildings are leaning.

This is one of the canal houses that are on a lean.  Michel assures me that although it was on more of a lean than most, it's held for several hundred years so it's fine!

 Another walk - still stopping to take images because Amsterdam is really beautiful.

 Then to the Belgian pub where all we had a much needed beer after all our walking...

 I had the Raspberry Beer.  It was divine - intense flavours.  Probably the best beer I've ever had.
Anne then insisted Nikki and I tried the Cherry beer.  It wasn't as nice as the Raspberry, but it got better the longer it was open!

After that one, I also tried the Peach - which was also fabulous.  And before anyone say I would have been drunk - these beers were only 2.5%, so I was fine. On the other hand, I can feel my veins still full of sugar!

On way home we called into the supermarket again and Anne got the ingredients to make a dutch dish - sausages and mash!

Tomorrow I'm off toBarcelona!

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