Sunday, September 4, 2016

Exploring Amsterdam

Flying into the Netherlands was lovely.  Everything looked so precise. Even flying over the city there were apartjments all laid out beautifully with green space in between...

Anne took Nikki, Steven and I on a walking tour around the main part of Amsterdam.  Walking along the canals, nipping into cheese shops to try cheese, trying the local herring, and finally having a beer at the end in Vondelpark.

Narrow Streets...
 Canals. Everywhere people were enjoying the summery day and eating and drinking around at cafe's next to the canals.
 We made lots of friends everywhere...

I was fascinated in the reflections of the canal - this is the Red Light District....

 In a shop window!  Should I try it?  Will it help the pain in my foot?  I wonder!
 And if  icecream isn't your thing - there's cookies too!
 Or some energy drinks....

 We did some cheese tasting - above garlic and Cumin, below green pesto and lavender.  I loved the lavender.  Thee were also vanilla and rum, which was just plain.... weird!

 Out in the street we tried the Herring and pickles.  Nikki and I loved it - so much so we got some for pre dinner with cheese and wine as well.
 Stopped for a break and someone offered to take a photo of us all!
 And this cheese was DIVINE.  Shame we can't take it home to NZ!
 Although rather expensive...  I'm sure it's worth it though!
 And a shop full of ducks.  Just what you need.  I didn't see the 'no photos' sign on the wall, but it did get pointed out to me AFTER I had taken the photo!  Not sure why the ducks though - one of those dutch mysteries!
 And Cheers!  Wit Beer in the Teahouse in Vondelpark at the end of the day.

I'm still jetlagged and fell asleep at the dinner table so put myself to bed early - Still woke at midnight though, and again at 5am.  So popped up early to do this.  Today we're heading to the Microbes Museum and Utrecht.

By the way - all these photos are taken on my phone as the little computer I have with me won't read my RAW files from the Canon 7D2.  Even though it's Lightroom 5.7.  If anyone has any clue - please drop me a line!

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