Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Nikki and Vivie went off to the Rijksmuseum this morning. I had already been two years ago, so I decided to have a morning where I kept my foot up. The walking around Matera meant that it was still really swollen, It doesn't help that I have a piece of glass in it as well which I can't get out. So I caught up on my blog and did some research on Sicily - my next port of call!

Nik and Viv came back at midday, so we then caught the Metro to Ikea. Went mad in Ikea, I wish they had that store in New Zealand. After a couple of hours wandering lost in the store, we made it back to the hotel to drop off the shopping, then walked to the windmill brewery.  A very pleasant walk along the canals...

This is the Botanical Gardens over the road from the hotel. We are paying it a visit tomorrow...

 We found some Herons... Birding with my cellphone. I'll be taking my big camera over to this canal in the morning!

We also found some Pink Flamingos!  The zoo is just round the corner from the hotel as well!

Amsterdam even has a Tyrannosaurus Rex...

Quite a lovely walk really...

Our destination - the Windmill Brewery. I ordered a Wit Beer, the only beer I really like.

Others were more adventurous... From left - Erin my nice, Sue, Anne and my Mum.  I don't think she drank any beer but I can't be sure, I was too busy finishing mine!

We then took the Uber taxi to the Amstedam Pancake House. Here are all the Carter Clan in one long table... The Carters, The Carters, The Carters and the Carters. Way too many to count on one hand!

Once we had finished our pancakes (I had the Spinach, pinenuts, olive and Feta), we then walked back to the Hotel. Having a quiet night in preparation for the big night tomorrow night!

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