Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Havana Day 3

Day 3 and our last day in Havana, Cuba. We wanted to hire a car and travel out of Havana to explore some of the beaches and national parks. Unfortunately in Cuba you could only hire a car for a minimum of three days so that was out for us. Instead we hired a taxi to take us to the nearest beach resort at Varadero, 148km away. Between the three of us it came to $50usd each, so not too bad a price for the distance and time.  The drive took two hours and he dropped us off at this gorgeous beach. We had a quick look at the beach then headed to a nearby restaurant for lunch as we were starving. A beautiful meal, then back to the beach for a bit of sunbathing, sleep, and swimming. I just love the carribean blues. I have missed these colours since being back in New Zealand 38 years ago!

Transportation around the island reminded me of being in Barbados 38 years ago, but interestingly enough, you could no longer find these scenes in Barbados.

The Cuban curly tailed lizard made an appearance at our restaurant.

And I loved seeing breadfruit once again!

Back at the hotel later in the afternoon, the entertainment were some clowns by local ballet students.

And another cuban singer.

We then went back out on the streets for a final exploration, photography, and to find a restaurant to eat diner.

Rick wanted to find an art shop to buy some art that he had seen on his first day, so we walked until we found it. I ddn't mind as I got to explore the local streets yet again! We finally found the art shop to find it closed. So we agreed to come back in the morning before flying out.

We eventually found a good restaurant and believe it or not, I couldn't face another Pina Colada!  In fact I couldn't face anything.  I think I was pretty tired, so back to the hotel for a good sleep.  I remember feeling very excited to fly to Barbados the next morning - didn't think I would sleep - but miraculously I did..

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