Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Havana - Day 2

After an uncomfortable nights sleep in our very expensive flash hotel, with single beds with hard plastic on the mattresses in case we wet the bed, and a leaking, flooding toilet, and lifts that didn't work, we headed to breakfast on the top floor!

Breakfast wasn't all that flash foodwise, but they had a wonderful string quartet making up for it and fantastic views over the city. Our Breakfast room....

The views:

The floors of our hotel. There were just two lifts for us to use, which were old and slow, and most of the time, only one was going. Which meant very long waits. In the end I found the maids lift and used those - the only way to get anywhere fast!

After breafkast we wandered up to the other end of town to start our free historic walking tour of the old town.

Compared to where we had been the day before, it was crowded.

Found an old pharmacy, now a musuem.

And a famous bar. Suzie managed to get some cocktails, but the crowds drove me out.

We explored this square and ended up here for dinner later in the evening.

We stopped for a long lunch. Suzie and I worked our way through six Pina Coladas as they were so cheap. The restaurant was recommended from our walking tour guide, and the food was superb. I was pretty impressed by the $2 cocktails.  And afterwards we had to try the cuban cigars.  We sat outside and it was really interesting watching the people pass us by. So much so that I ended up getting my big lens out and doing some street photography with my camera in one hand and my Pina Colada in the other!

After lunch we carried on exploring on our own..

I was fascinated by the bollards in all the streets to stop cars from coming in. They are actually unused canons and there are hundreds of them.

 We then jumped into one of these yellow three wheel taxi's for a different tour around Havana.

I then got dropped back to the waterfront and Suzie and Rick went back to the hotel for a snooze.  I wanted to do some more photography from where I was the day before, and capture some more of the old buildings and street scenes.

Then I went back to the hotel for another sunset shot while getting ready for dinner!

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