Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Barbados - Day 2

Our Airbnb was lovely. We had the bottom left apartment (left of the stairs). It was big and roomy - 3 huge bedrooms each with a bathroom. I booked it because it hada pool thinking I would swim in it, but I never did - there was never time!


Suzie and Rick had got in late, so I got up early and took the car do do some photography of the area I used to frequent 38 years ago. I was particularly interested in recording photographs of the chattel houses. They were very common 38 years ago, but although they were still dotted around the island, they were slowly being replaced with concrete housing. I hope they don't disappear as they are what I remember Barbados as.

I also pohtographed the beach at Holetown. One of the beaches I used to sunbathe/ and swim at periodically. It hadn't changed at all. Even the fishing boats looked the same.

Although I don't remember this rum shop. I found out later that Suzie and Rick had been drinking here the night before.

I drove further down towards Sunset Crest, and got out to photograph several other chattel houses - this one being my favourite..

The biggest change was Holetown itself. Once a small unassuming village 38 years ago, it now housed Gucci, Cartier and all those top expensive brands.  I wandered around the shops, but the prices were way out of this New Zealanders' league!  I was pretty impressed though, but it's not the Barbados I like or remember.

Holetown was where I met my first love of my life when I was 17. Right outside the blue/green building 'Beth and Tracie' below.

And this was the day and moment I met Raymond. The brown building, the Bank of Holetown, is the same building above, and in that car dressed as a clown was Raymond. That image was taken at the Holetown Festival in 1979. I only remember on other person in that photo - and that's Lizzie (in the middle).  I remember her as a kind hearted soul.  I wish we had kept in touch.

We carried on driving up to the northern part of the island, our destination to the wild East Coast of the island. I came across this chattel house brightly painted. I was told later it probably was owned by the dutch as they love bright colours!

Before I left New Zealand I photographed 10 images or so from my 1979 photo album. I had hoped to replicate the images. This one I could replicate. Taken from about the same place 38 years apart...


And the Morgan Lewis Windmill. It had changed so much I queried that it was the same. The chimney behind the windmill confirmed that it was the same.  I also double checked with another image and the hill behind still matched up (contours).

38 years ago we had this picnic at Bathsheba under the rock. I wanted to replicate this. I even had a bikini I was going to change into and my tripod to do a 10 second delay so I could plop myself down in the front and flick my head back, just like I was back then. To make up the five people, I was going to ask other people on the beach.  I was all set!

 Unfortunately, climate change had wrought havoc on my plan and the seas had risen a tad, and the rock was now under water even at low tide.  I was disappointed!

 Instead we posed in the water!

 Back in 1979, it was uncommon to see the locals using and enjoying the parks and beaches. It was lovely to see everyone out in force using the beautiful spaces Barbados has to offer. A positive change after two generatons.

We had lunch in this great restaurant not far from Bathsheba, then headed down to Bottom Bay. This is the bay that was on my bucket list to see again - one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Suzie had never been there, but I was rapt to visit it again.

We all had a bit of a snooze on the beach then headed back to the airbnb to get changed.  We then headed out to town and met up with my friend David at a restaurant/bar to catch up and reminisce. It was great to see him. Listening to his memories of our friendship and having lots of laughs.

I was surprised at how everything now closed at much earlier hours. Back 38years ago, the island was alive, hopping, dancing and jiving to all hours of the night. Our restaurant closed at midnight and there was nowhere else much to go!!! 

So we said bye to David and headed back to the airbnb, with plans to catch up again later in the week.

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