Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Barbados - Day 1

We got up and had breakfast, then made our way down the island for an exploration. First stop was 313 Magnolia, Sunset Crest where we lived when I was there. The house had changed somewhat, and wasn't as pretty as I remember. More buildings had been built around it, and instead of hedges, now had a barbed wire fence all around it. It bordered on Sandy Lane, one of the most exclusive areas of the island so i was surprised to see it looking as it did. It was hot. I wasn't used to the humidity and was struggling. As well as that, I had woken up with a really sore throat, so knew I was coming down with something.

We also stopped at one of the beaches we used to swim at. It hadn't changed. Still beautiful.

We heard that one of our old friends from 38 years ago now owned a restaurant in Sunset Crest. So we bowled up for lunch. I started with  a Mojito, but we also tried the rum punches. Lunch was lovely. We asked for Howard, and initially he didn't remember us, but I told him the time we were on his boat and that I was nearly run over by a speedboat. He then started remembering. He invited us down for cocktails later that night, but I didn't go as my sore throat was getting worse.

After lunch we carried on exploring up to the top of the island, first having a bit of a look at the rum shops.

Then to the abandoned lighthouse. I remember visiting this 38 years ago.

Don't remember the other abandoned buildings around it though!

It was getting really hot  by now, so we stopped off at a local rum shop to have a banks Beer. Best beer in the world in my inexperienced opinion!

I got permission to photograph the locals also at the rum shop.

The streets or signs hadn't changed and I loved the placenames.

I love the chattel houses (below), and photographed many on my excursions around the island this time.

We ended back at our airbnb. Suzy and Rick went down for a swim while I snoozed. They went out for dinner while I headed to bed early as I knew I was getting sick.

Great day going don memory lane.

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