Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Barbados - Day 4

Up very early this morning to take Suzie and Rick to the airport for their homeward journey.  I was staying on for another 5 days to really explore the island in depth.  I was really sick by now with a throat like broken glass shards, and a cold. After dropping them off, I headed to the Hilton Hotel with a view to check in early and leaving my luggage in storage until later.  However, they allowed me to check in at 5.30am - however my original booking had been cancelled and they wanted me to re-book at the current price (about twice as much as I booked it for). The manager wasn't there yet, so I just headed up to my room and hopped into bed and went back to sleep. I woke at 9.30am and then wandered down to sort the booking out. Fortunately I had all my original paperwork and they then matched the original price.  I don't know what I would have done if they hadn't - probably sleep on the beach!!

After that was sorted out - I headed to Huntes Garden. Huntes Garden was created by a English horticulturist, Anthony Hunte, in the centre of Barbadoss rain forest in a sink-hole-like gully. the garden offers a multidimensional experience with vigorous plants densely growing on many levels from sunny and open spaces, down to the heart of a real carribean jungle.

Initially I was going to go with someone from the photographic society, but because I was sick I suggested it be cancelled as I didn't want to pass on my bugs. I got there must later than I wanted to, early morning would have been better - by the time I was there it was late morning.

I knew there were hummingbirds, and that was my primary focus.  I talked to Anthony Hunte when I arrived and he showed me where the hummers land and told me to focus my camera on the pink flower. I set up my camera with my telephoto lens,then stood up to look around. Then my saw my first hummingbird - he came right up to me, hovered within inches of my face and stared at me intently. Then darted away. If I had had my wide angle lens on, I would have got the shot. 

I sat and waited. They are like clockwork - every 15 minutes they come in and drink at the same place.  My first shots were rubbish -with no hummingbirds in  New Zealand, I haven't had much practise. Experimented with settings and eventually I started getting a few shots that I liked.

In between the 15 minute intervals, I took photos of the flora/fauna around me. It was a really beautiful garden.

 I remember these lizards from 38 years ago. I used to have a few in my bedroom!  They are the Barbados Anole.


After the garden, I headed back to the hotel, lay on the beach, had a swim, then went up to my room and snoozed for several hours.  I awoke around 4pm. David had suggested I go to the Oistins Fish Festival, so that's what I did.  Found a park luckily not too far away, then wandered the streets and stalls.

I was hoping to hear a steel band, and there was one that was programmed to appear on stage later that evening. So I decided to wait around for it. Shared my dinner table with a young english family.  My red snapper and chips came first, and the 3 year old screamed when I started eating it as she thought it was hers!! So I shared my meal with a 3 year old to stop her screaming!

Police were a quiet presence in case of trouble.

Chilli eating competition...

Comedy risque but funny.

The steel band never turned up and I decided to call it a night to put my cold to bed at a reasonable time.

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