Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Barbados - Day 3

I actually didn't take many photos today.  We had a slow morning, then drove into town to meet some of Suzie's friends for Brunch at the restaurant at the Hilton Hotel.  The following image is one I snapped on my phone as we were caught in a traffic jam on the way to the hotel.  Someone had a hard night obviously!

We got to the hotel early and I walked around, as this is where I would be staying when Suzie and Rick left the next morning.

We then went up to the restaurant and ordered these cocktails. They were very nice!

After brunch, I dropped Suzie and Rick off at the Polo fields where they were meeting friends again, and I headed out to have afternoon tea with Pat, mother of my boyfriend back 38 years ago. It was soooo good to catch up. She's still as lovely as she was 38 years ago. Interestingly she had travelled to New Zealand, and because we had lost touch, we didn't connect.  Such a shame!

After leaving Pat, I went back to the Polo field and watched the end of the game sipping champagne. Then we headed back to the Hilton for a snack Suzie and Rick then dropped me off at the golf club where I was giving a talk to the Photographic Society of Barbados about New Zealand and Birds of New Zealand and to meet up with other photographers. It was great.

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