Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Barbados - Day 5

I headed down to Accra Beach first thing in the  morning and got a bit of a suntan.  Accra beach is a beach I used to go to in my lunch hour when I attended College in Barbados in 1979.  It was a place that was peaceful, beautiful, and I could eat my lunch in peace and just relax and unwind.  It was a place where 'beach bums' were abound and often I was propositioned.  I had got so good back then getting rid of them - all sorts of excuses, but the one that worked the best was 'no english'!

So this particular morning, it was overcast and warm, the sand soft, water warm. I still had my cold and was still miserable, so the beach was perfect. Salt water is good for colds.

On my way out of the car park I was propositioned by a beach bum. I chuckled - big difference - 17, and now 56, yet I still got propositioned! Great for my ego.  I turned them down!

After a quick shower, I headed up to Holetown to meet Pat for lunch at the Holetown shops.  It was another great catch up, and even better, Raymond dropped her off so I got to say hello for ten minutes. One of the highlights of my trip. He still has the kindest eyes and the best smile, and still looks great. It was lovely to see him.  Lunch was wonderful and I was sad to leave and say Bye to Pat knowing that I wouldn't have time to see her again, and that I probably won't get back to Barbados again in my lifetime, although if I did, I would want to stay for 3 weeks!  

After my lunch, I headed back to the hotel and once again went down and lay on the beach at the Hilton, had another swim. Grabbed a bite to eat, then rang my old school friend Athelstone Catling. The conversation went like this?

Me: - Hello -is Telston there please?
Wife: - Yes just a minute - goes off to get him.
Telston: - Hello
Me: - Hi, I'm not sure if you remember me but
Telston - Robyn?
Me - Yes
Telston - From New Zealand?
Me - Yes
Telston: where are you - are you in barbados?
Me - Yes
Telston - Where are you staying
Me - The Hilton
Telston - I'll be right there. Phone Slammed down!!!

Haha! - He was excited.  I wandered down to the lobby and waited and he turned up 20 minutes later and give me the biggest hug I've had in years!  I needed somewhere quieter to talk so invited him up to my room, where we had a big catch up. I showed him some AV's of New Zealand and described the earthquake.  Suddenly he said - I want to show you my island, and off we went. A few pubs, met his friends and had proper bajan food.

After a few hours I persuaded him to to take my back to the hotel as I was still sick and wanted my sleep, but we agreed to meet again on Friday all day and he would show me around the island.

Another great day - not so many photos - mainly catching up with people I know and eating!

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