Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Last Morning in Zadar, Croatia

Slow morning for Rachel, so Anne, Steven and I headed out the door to explore.  The sun was shining and it was warming up.   We walked round first to get the rental car, then explored for another hour.  I bought more lipsticks for Anne and I, and some presents,  and headed back to the ice-cream shop and bought Anne one – and myself a yoghurt – which was beautiful.

This is the view from our apartment window...

And the view from our apartment bedroom...

Roman ruins in the square - archological dig...

The back of the Catholic Cathedral... I believe that sometimes the back of churches are often more interesting than the front!

Another old roman artefact..

Old houses..

The front of the church..

We were having problems trying to find the car rental place.  I think we went through this city gate several times!


Outside the Old Town Wall some fishing boats were getting ready to leave.  It was incredibly beautiful. These two photos is how I remember Zadar.  That and the icecream!!

Lots of locals about enjoying the sun and the markets.

Some of the buildings had these plaques built into the walls.

Enjoying wandering around the street...

Back in the makeup shop - Lice is what you put on your face!

Heading back to the apartment to meet up with Rachel.  The white building is where we stayed on the top floor.  Roman ruins on the grass..

And the sea right next to us - such a beautiful blue...

We got back to the apartment to check out by midday, then picked up the rental and drove to the Plitvice Lakes.  

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