Monday, October 20, 2014


An early start – after only 4-5 hours sleep.  We dropped the rental car off and they drove us to the airport where we said sad goodbyes to Vivie.  I flew off to Dubrovnik and Anne flew back to Amsterdam.  My flight went through Belgrade and was delayed 5 hours so I wasn't impressed.  That’s 5 hours sitting around the airport – but fortunately I met up with another man also delayed and we talked which helped pass the time away.  He was really nice, and is a property developer, building apartments for tourists in Dubrovnik, and living in Belgrade.

I got excited as I flew into Dubrovnik as we went up this gorgeous coastline...

I finally arrived in Dubrovnik about 1.30pm and caught the bus to Pile, where Rachel and Steven were waiting patiently at the bus stop for me. So good to see them. We wandered into the old town and sat down for a long lunch and catch up, then we caught a taxi to the apartment to drop of my things. These are some of my first impressions of the walled city...

Our apartment was only about a 10 minute walk to the old town, so we wandered back by foot so I could get my bearings. These were the some of the views on the way...  The blues of the Croatian coastline were wonderful.

Cute old buildings along the way...

Once back in the old town we wandered around taking in the sights, found ancient churches..

And wide avenues with beautiful buildings.

The cobblestones were lovely and worn down over the years.  Very pretty.

One of the alleyways at sunset...

Rachel and Steven  also laden down with camera gear and looking pretty happy with the Old Town!

We found another interesting church, where I moaned how I hated the wealth that these places used when that wealth could have been used to actually help people. Rachel pointed out to me that these places would have provided jobs for people, and opportunities for artists to make a name to further their employment.  I hadn't thought about that part of it before so thank you Rachel for making me think a bit more deeply!

Steven getting low down and dirty with his photographic skills...

After wandering around the town, we found a little pub that took us on the outside of the wall overlooking the water, so we ended up having a beer and watching the sunset.  It was beautiful.

Headed back into the Old Town where we found a little restaurant for dinner where I had a lovely omelette. Then we caught a taxi back to the apartment  so not to have a late night, 

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