Monday, October 27, 2014

Bye Amsterdam - Until we Meet Again....

It was my last day in Amsterdam. Spring was finally here and the leaves had finally graced the trees. The sun was shining, so I packed up my luggage carefully, and once done, nipped around the corner to this little cafe on the canal and treated myself to a Dutch Pancake and a beer.  Sat in the sun, watched the boats ply the canal, read my book and generally just had a relaxing afternoon in the sun.

Jori came home from work and helped me to the airport.  Anne had unfortunately headed to her conference in Spain that morning. The one I couldn't get to because Flight Centre in NZ hadn't bothered to answer my emails!

Bye Amsterdam - until we meet again.

Which is happening sooner than I thought.

And one of the reasons I've hurriedly caught up to date with this blog..

Cos I'm heading your way again this Wednesday!

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