Friday, October 24, 2014

Amsterdam - a Day of just Pottering...

It was cold, wet and miserable in Amsterdam and My foot was terribly sore so I stayed in bed until 9.30am.  Got up, tidied up, packed a bit, sorted washing, washed the whites, then headed out the door to the main shopping area and wandered around.  Found a beautiful outfit for Rachel’s baby, and stopped for a hot drink and a beautiful Dutch apple pie.  It was delicious and the best I've ever had!

Met up with Anne around 6pm and we headed to the supermarket, then home.  Anne’s friend came round for drinks and dinner and we drank the Mateus I had bought duty free in Porto, and then a beautiful bottle of Red Wine that Anne had brought home from South Africa.  We had lots of laughs and a rather late night.

The above two photos were taken on my cellphone, and this is the only image I took today with my camera, which I took on the way to the shops (I think).  Very beautiful place!

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