Friday, October 24, 2014

An hour in Zagreb...

We headed to Zagreb and Rachel caught the train to Slovenia, and Steven to Rome. That left Anne and I to explore for just over an hour, so we walked quickly around the older parts of town. Beautiful city with gorgeous architecture. My foot was incredibly sore today after yesterday's walk around the national park. I think I overdid it. I was also really tired.

However, Zagreb is an interesting city and the largest in Croatia. Zagreb is a city with a rich history dating from the Roman times to the present day.

The Zagreb Cathedral on Kaptol is a Roman Catholic institution and the tallest building in Croatia. It is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary and to kings Saint Stephen and Saint Ladislaus. The cathedral is typically Gothic, as is its sacristy, which is of great architectural value. Its spires can be seen from many locations in the city.

The cathedral was severely damaged in the 1880 Zagreb earthquake. The main nave collapsed and the tower was damaged beyond repair. The restoration of the cathedral in the Neo-Gothic style was led by Hermann Bollé, bringing the cathedral to its present form. As part of that restoration, two spires 108 m (354 ft) high were raised on the western side, both of which are now in the process of being restored as part of an extensive general restoration of the cathedral.

The 1880 earthquake struck Zagreb 0n 9 Nov. 1880 at 07:03:03 hrs and the cathedral clock stopped, the dial of the clock is today mounted on the northern side of the defensive wall and shows the time 7:03.

Making our way to the Upper Town - we found a vineyard on a steep hill and there's even someone tending the grapes!

The buildings were colourful...

This is the Gradec Stone Gate built as part of a city defense system between 1242 and 1261 when fearing a Mongol invasion. It's also a memorial for those that died in the war in 90s during the war for independence. It is incredibly sad because its only one generation ago, and there are so many reminders everywhere still.

Just round the corner from the Gradec Stone Gate is St Mark's Square. St. Mark's Church is the parish church of Old Zagreb. When guilds developed in Gradec in the 15th, and later in the 17th century, being the societies of craftsmen, their members including masters, journeymen and apprentices would gather regularly in St. Mark's Church.

Other government buildings line the square as well.


From the upper town looking over to the Zagreb Cathedral...

 Heading back down to the lower town...

We then headed to the airport dropped the car back and flew back to Amsterdam.  Jori had made a lovely Quinoa salad with feta and mint.  I loved it – and could eat it for a week!

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