Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Very Short Stop in Pisa

We arrived in Pisa 3 hours later than expected because our flight was delayed.  Disappointing as we didn’t see as much of Pisa as we had hoped, but it was still fantastic to see the famed Leaning Tower of Pisa, and I have to say it looked very beautiful at night.

I was surprised as for some reason I though the Tower was the only thing I would see, but was pleasantly surprised to see the other buildings around it.  However it is the bell tower of the Cathedral of Pisa and is situated behind the Cathedral (Duomo). The other building was the Baptistry, constructed in marble – also very beautiful at night.  This was my first attempt with no tripod!!!

But then I improvised with the lid of a public trash bin, and a spare camera battery to lift up my lens.  Who needs expensive tripods???

The Baptistry...

The Cathedral...

Anne, playing with shadows on the Baptistry with a young girl who also enjoyed throwing her shadow on the building.  Anne looks like the Beast of Pisa!!

Our hostel was right over the road from the Tower so it was an easy quick walk.  Anne and I were both in awe of the architecture.

After spending time photographing the buildings we went in search for a place to eat and found Taverna di Emma.  Had great pizza and red wine and a beautiful dessert. We were told the pizza was for ‘one’,  so ordered one each, but we could have easily shared, however we took the leftovers back to the hostel and had them for breakfast on the train to Venice.

Now very excited to see Venezia – weather fine – partly cloudy and is looking to be a great day.

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