Sunday, October 30, 2011

Amsterdam - Cold and Wet

I got up late today - I am so tired.  My foot is really sore.  I was booked into the Anne Frank House and to be honest, I didn't want to move!!!  The weather wasn't helping - gray, wet, overcast and cold.

I forced myself up and managed to work out the tram without a problem, getting off at the correct stop.  I then proceeded to walk in the wrong direction.  Then I found I had left the map at home.  Fortunately two guys on the corner were pouring over their map and when I asked for the directions, they gave one of their maps, and pointed me in the correct direction to Anne Frank house.

Anne Frank house is a must do in Amsterdam.  I've read the book several times, but visiting the house really put things in perspective for me.  I came out of there feeling very morose and sad.  I remember reading a quote somewhere along the lines that Anne Franks story is just one of six million, however, if we had to read all six million stories, then the grief would be too much for us to bear.  I felt this was so true.

By the time I had finished in the museum, the rain had really set in.  I was meant to do the 3 hour free walking tour of Amsterdam this afternoon, but decided to flag it.  Instead I walked up to the Dam Square, then wandered in and out of all the shops.  Every second shop was a shoe shop, and I would have tried on 127 pair of boots at least.  I'm definitely going to buy a pair before I come home!

I stopped twice for a hot chocolate to warm up, before getting the tram to the flower market.  I wandered around there admiring all the tulip bulbs, bought myself a little piece of art, then headed to Anne's Australian Pub where she works where I was meeting her at 5.30pm .

The staff there treated me well with hot chocolates laced with kahlua to warm me up until Anne Arrived.  A few mojitos, then more kahlua, and a pub quiz of which we came last!!  Back home at midnight.

I didn't even get my camera out today the weather was that terrible - except for one photo I took at Coco's, the pub...

.But I really enjoyed wandering today with no set timetable and at my own pace.  I can't wait to do it again on  Tuesday, the day before I fly home, but this time with Anne (shopping - she's not flying home with me!!!)

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