Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Minute stop in Milano

I had great intentions for writing postcards to everyone on the train from Venice to Milano – ones that I bought in Santorini, but instead the train lulled me to sleep!

I woke up briefly in Verona, then in Brescia, and then again in Milano!

We caught a taxi to our hotel and arrived about 3pm, and once again, dumped everything on the bed then headed out.  Anne walked me up to see Pecks – this amazing deli – a bit like Nosh but 100x better.  Amazing chocolates, pasta, wine, cheese – if I had room in my luggage I would have bought half the shop home with me!

She then took me to Prenzi’s – this amazing bakery where we shared a few things together – olive sticks, calzone, raspberry tart and something else like a custardy thing (very yum).  We then walked to the Duomo – and I was blown away.  Unfortunately it was very expensive to get to the top 10 Euros by lift, and there was no way I could  climb the 250 steps with my foot, so we gave it a miss.  Instead we walked into the Galleria to admire Gucci, Armani, Prada and a few more other shops that to buy in, I’d have to rob a bank or two!  I did see some beautiful leather gloves for 72 euros!   Next trip!

Inside the Galleria, where you can buy Gucci, Amani, Prada etc..  I did think about buying a Gucci handbag for my mother.  It's the thought that counts isn't it?

My foot gave up then – so we caught a taxi back to the hotel and rested for an hour or two, then walked out to dinner to ‘La Hora Feliz’.  On the way we passed the Column of San Lorenzo, and one of Milano's many churches...

The actual restaurant was amazing – you buy a cocktail (or two), then the food is ‘free’ and you can go back as many times as you like – really nice seafood, fish, pasta, vege such as cucumber, tomatoes, eggplant – rice salads, potatoes – it was all there, and changed throughout the evening as they bought more dishes out.  I started with a Mojito – the best I’ve ever had.  In fact as I type this I am craving another.  We finished with a Tuscany Lemoncello which we shared which was also very very good – but not as good as the Mojito!  Anne told them it was my birthday, so they placed a hat on my head, clapped, made the whole restaurant sing happy birthday in Italian, and gave us two shot glasses of strawberry dacquari to down fast.  Loads of fun.  It helped that the very nice looking Italian guy from Milano sitting next to me thought I was 40, not 50!!  That always helps!

Walked back to the hotel and decided to try one of the Italian Hot Chocolates.  Honestly,  it’s just a cup full of melted chocolate!  Amazing stuff – very thick and there is no way I could drink it on my own so we shared that as well.  The Italians really do amazing food!

Back to the hotel to type this up, pack – we have to be up at 4.15am to get a taxi at 4.30am to the train, to get a train to the airport, to catch a flight to Casablanca, Morocco!  Looking forward to it!

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