Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rhodes - Day 2 - Old Town

I fell asleep doing my blog last night I was so tired.  But I got a good long comfortable nights sleep, although it hurt to move in just about every part of my body from my two falls yesterday!

We got up and headed downstairs for our free breakfast, then headed out to Rhodes Old Town – the walled city.    It was absolutely fascinating with old buildings, alleyways and a really really friendly cat.  I wanted to take it home.  It snuggled into me for a while and wanted to be carried around.  Anne found some cats with one blue eye, one green eye and managed to take photos, but they kept running away from me!

We wandered around these historic buildings within the medieval walls, and it is apparently one of the most beautiful towns in the Mediterranean.  The citadel is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe and in 1988 was designated a World Heritage Site.
We wandered past the the Street of the Knights (Ippoton), one of the best preserved and most delightful medieval relics in the world.

We then wandered over to the Ancient Windmills to take some photos, then headed back to take the car back to the rental company.  No mean feat as the city is a maze of one way streets and hard to get around, let alone your bearings.  I think Anne was amazing to find it!

Back to the hotel for a rest, before catching the bus to the airport – to find our flight to Pisa, Italy is delayed for 2.5 hours.  Such is the life of travel.

Rhodes is a really interesting island and has some lovely beaches too, but the purpose of our trip was the history not the beaches.  The funniest thing which I saw is the interest in the lovely cats that are running around, when in the middle of one of the most historical sites in the world.  Everyone was taking photos of the cats, (including me), instead of the castle!!  Made me chuckle.  I’m going to miss Greece and it’s lovely laid back atmosphere, beautiful towns, lovely people, and great food.  I’d like to come back one day and explore some more – although I will never attempt a donkey ride again !!

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Morgan said...

Love the photo of the cat. It looks like a real sweetie. Like the mozaic tiles too. Very cool.