Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 2 in Venice

We woke up about 7.30, but were rather slow to get moving – I think we’re both tired, not only from all the walking, but also because of the continuing new sights we are seeing and taking in, and trying to savour it all.
We finally made it down to breakfast about 8.30am – provided by the hotel, at a little snack bar beside a canal.  Fresh bread rolls, orange juice and a hot chocolate.  We shared our crumbs with the sparrows and the fish in the canal!

We then walked to the Rialto bridge, one of the most photographed sites of Venice which you see in all the postcards.  Took lots of photos on the way...

My foot gave up then, so I sat on the edge of the canal by the Hotel Rialto and ordered an orange juice while Anne went off walking for another half hour.  I was at a stop where boatmen were unloading goods for delivery 4 boats deep.  I found it fascinating watching them unload onto trolleys which were then pulled along to be delivered.  Makes our delivery (courier) system seem so easy in comparison.

Just about had a fit when I got the bill for the orange juice – a hefty 5 euros for one small glass.  That’s the most expensive orange juice I’ve ever had.  When I pointed it out to the waiter he laughed and said ‘Welcome to Venice’!  To make up for it, we made sure we used their toilet (otherwise we would have had to pay 1.50 euro’s for the public one each!). 

We then caught the vaparetto to a stop near our hotel, climbed up the steep stairs, lay on the bed for 5 minutes to recover, packed, then headed to the train station.

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Lia said...

Hi Robyn,

I'm enjoying reading your blog, and am glad you're having such a fantastic time. I remember being in Rome and paying 7 Euro for a small glass bottle of coke. Sure makes you appreciate NZ prices a lot more! :)