Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Egadi Islands Tour

Today we decided on another boat tour, this time out of Trapani where we were staying, to visit the  Egadi Islands.

First stop was Levenzo. Some people got off for a swim, but I wasn't hot enough yet.  Still very beautiful.

I sat watching the water.. mesmerised - it was like silk..

Second stop - and both Anne and I did swim this time. We were in much deeper water than the day before, so it was a little colder!

There wee caves in the cliffs - this is the Island of Favignana.

Third stop for swimming - and both Anne and I snorkelled. It was stunning. Felt like I had my own personal aquarium!

We then stopped in the main town on Favignana to explore. It was so hot. So after walking around for a while Anne left me in the shade at the beach so I could cool down.

Lots of fishing boats in the harbour...

 The beach, and our yacht in the disatance on the far right.

The town was pretty... Lots of sourvenir and gelato shops!

Photographically, the fishing boats were fun!

Fishermen untangling nets!

Our boat...

Leaving Favignana...

Arriving back in Trapani..

One of the slow ferries that take you to the islands. The faster ones are hydrofoils which were amazing to see in action!

We grabbed our luggage from our B&B then packed the car and headed to Agrigento. We're about to explore the old town and the Valley of the Temples. Another hot day today. I'll miss the beach! This following image  is one of the typical sights while driving around Sicily

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