Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sicily - Enna and Cefalu

Anne and I were at the airport by 6.30am for our flight to Sicily where we are spending 12 days together exploring, and having a holiday. Both of us have wanted to see Sicily for a while. Unfortunately Michel has to work so he sadly couldn't come with us.

I had the window seat and we flew over some mountains somewhere. Blue Sky, a bit of snow - magic!

We picked up our rental from Catania airport, and decided to drive straight to Cefalu via Enna, because we can explore Catania next week when Camille arrives on the 6th. We drove off the motorway, and through an old barely used highway through little villages and freshly ploughed farmland. It was really beautiful. We arrived in Enna for lunch. Enna is a small town high up on the hill, and has one of the largest castles in Sicily. the views from the top were gorgeous.

We could see neighbouring villages on other hilltops from the main terrace.

Lunch for me was pasta, and Anne had a selection of various foods from Enna - all delicious. Afterwards we couldn't decide which small sweets to have, so had two each and shared!

We then drove another hour or so and arrived in Cefalu. From the top road it looked lovely.

We parked the car and started walking towards the old town via a beach promenade.

Walking through the narrow streets I noticed someone enter a gste and stop on the stairs to take a photo, so I put my head round and found a medieval laundry!

Little entrances to the beach, or bars with terraces where you could have wine overlooking the beach dotted the waterfront!

 Little fishing boats lay right next to an exclusive swim area!

People enjoying the view...

It was sunny and warm and very pleasant to be walking around...

We even got to enjoy the sunset...

We walked a bit further on - lots of cats around, and on sunbathing at the beach on the rocks. I want to be this cat!

No small town in Italy is complete without their Cathedral!

The sunset was beautiful and I loved how it lit up the pavement...

We then drove another hour to our Bed and Breakfast - The Red Hotel and decided to have an Antipasto between us and a glass of wine.  Fully recommend this hotel to stay in. The owner is lovely, the food superb, the wine good but cheap and it has a gorgeous view. The rooms were big, and it was lovely and clean and tidy.

So far - Sicily is living up to Expectations!

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