Sunday, October 16, 2016

Poznan to Wroclaw.

We didn't get up quite as fast as we meant to this morning, so Anne changed he train times from 9.45 to 10.30am to give us time for a quick walk around Poznan before we headed to Wroclaw.  The early morning light was beautiful. You can see the castle at the end of this street.

We found part of the old town wall.

and another church...

We then found the market..

\and a last photo of this part of Poznan..

then into Wedel for a hot chocolate. I had the Marzipan Latte and Anne had the dark chocolate with Plum and Cinnamon.  Much needed as it was very cold outside - although the sun was shining at last!

 Breakfast was Apple pancakes and chocolate dumplings!

Poznan was beautiful.. I enjoyed staying here.

We then caught the train to Wroclaw and it's beautiful. Our apartment is right on the old town square on the second floor. We checked in then went on a walking tour.

The tour was the Jewish tour - and it explained the history of what happened to the Jews from the 15th century right through to present times.  This was part of the city where you can still see places that haven't be built after WWII.  One of the saddest things I learnt was... In the 15th century, a nobleman came to Wroclaw and, becuase he was rich, people listened to him. He told the people that the problems of the day were caused by the Jewish people. All the Jewish people in Wroclaw at the time were rounded up and burnt in the square. Only children were spared and they were baptised into catholicism. This made me incredibly sad. All in the name of religion.

Everytime I walked though the square after learning that, all I could think about were those poor people. I hate the human race sometimes!

The University Library buiding that wasn't touched at all.

And into an area that has all the neon sighs from the communist era...

Beautiful facades of buildings that survived the war..

This was the old hospital and it still had bombshells in the building.

The last palace from Prussian times...

and a square - once full of buildings, but razed in WWII.

Some old buildiings - on the right was the court house and on the left was the old gestapo headquarters in WWII, but which is now the police station..

Back in the square..

Our apartment is the yellow building second from the right - we're on the second floor and look out to the square.

After a bit of a rest after our first walking tour, we did a second - the island and bridges tour at 6.30pm. It gave me a chance to see the city at night and do some night photography.

On Cathredral Island - they still use gaslamps and you can find a guy who turns them on at ngiht, and off in the morning.

One of the churches that was completely destroyed during WWII but rebuilt.

After the tour we found a great Restaurnat and had a beautiful meal - actually recommended to us by Jay and Gordon - and it was delicious. the meat just melted in our mouths.

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