Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Island of Ortigia, Syracuse, Sicily

We had a bit of a slow morning this morning, but once we got going we explored the Island of Ortigia where we were staying in depth. First stop were the markets - look at those prices!

Cactus flowers...

Huge bags of mussels

Chocolate anyone?

After the market we found a place for breakfast then continued exploring... Little alleyways and gorgeous streets with lovely buildings!

The main square

Along the waterfront people were fishing...

Anne and Camille mesmerised at the fish swimming below...

We then visited the Castille..Dates back to the 12th century with add ons in the 16th.

Earthenware found on the site..

and 16th century hand grenades!

Back on the street searching for a decent place for a glass of wine!

Found one - 3 glasses of wine and a bottle of water was only 6 Euros!

On way back to car - we stumbled across this ancient church

And I wished I could swim - it was so hot..

We then headed to Taomarina where we are staying for the next two nights!

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