Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Wild Lupins of Lindis Pass - Part 1

Day Five of our South Island trip dawned a bit brighter, albeit a bit cold.  The evening before, it had cleared up a bit and we had headed to Lake Hawea to take some photos of the sunset, which never appeared! My good foot rolled on a stone and I promptly collapsed in a heap on the ground. I landed in a funny way and hurt my bad foot again. It wasn't until we got back to the lake house that I realised I had hurt it pretty badly.  It was very very painful and if anyone touched it you just about had to peel me off the ceiling.

So on the morning of Day 5, I thought perhaps I should stay at the lake house and rest up rather than be on it. Liz and Emily wouldn't hear of it and they set me up in the back of a van with an elevated foot rest. I swore I would only get out of the van if there was something super interesting to photograph.

Our first stop of the day was the Old Red Bridge on Kane Road.  I have been told this is a very historic bridge, but I can find absolutely NOTHING about it, anywhere!  So.  All I can tell you is - it's red.  It spans a river.  It's old, and it's historic.  You don't want to know anything else do you?

I played around with the tobacco filter to get a couple of surreal apocalyspe shots...

Liz and Emily were able to walk down the hill to get the underneath shots, but I had to stay up on top as there was no way my foot would let me negotiate the gravel road. Emily kindly drove me down in the van a few minutes later.

After a few shots of the bridge, I started taking a look at the surroundings.  A beautiful glade of poplar trees all in their spring growth...

And over the river, the poplars lined that bank as well.  They're my favourite trees.  Would love to come back in Autumn to get the beautiful golden yellow colours.

I then found a puddle from the rain the day before. And caught the reflection in the bridge.

I love reflections in puddles - could photograph them all day!

We then headed towards the Lindis Pass, our destination was Bridge 2360 where we had seen the most amazing 'river of lupins' on the way down.  I will do that in a new blogpost though, because otherwise this one will be too long and I would hate to bore you all.

Footnote: When I got home to Blenheim, I had my foot x-rayed and it was found to be broken. The foot has been so painful in the last 3 years, that I really didn't notice too much of an increase of pain, so I walked around on it for 10 days without knowing.  Great footnote isn't it?

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