Saturday, January 12, 2013

Travel Word Art

My daughter and I spent most of this morning planning my upcoming trip to Europe and looking at places we might want to see in the weekends.  Its going to be an interesting trip as I get to see three or four friends that I've met over the years and get to stay with them in their own country.  Anyway, this blog post is not about my trip, but rather the travelling my daughter has done since she left New Zealand in 2008. Travelling in Europe is easy and cheap if you're based there, it just seems expensive and hard to get to when you live in a place like New Zealand!

Towards the end of our planning, Anne pasted a list of countries she has visited in the last few years, so I found a Word Art page and created a number of Word Art creations.  When she's picked one or two that she likes, I'll make up a tshirt for her, or a poster, or both.

If anyone else would like one made up of your trips/travel, and if you send me the list, I can easily create some for you as well.

The particular wordart programme i use allows for a mixture of fonts and colours and a mixture of horizontal and vertical placement.
 I used a tool called Randomise to find these. Just hit the Random button until I found one I liked.
The only problem is that once you move on to the next random one, unless you save it right there and then, it's lost forever.

The other problem is that it changes so much, you can't ever seem to find the one you like again, not even if you try to do it manually.
You can play forever with this programme, it's so much fun, so if Anne doesn't like any of these ones, I can see I'll be playing a lot more :)

I'm planning to do one for me as well, but it will probably be just the travel I've done over my lifetime.  It still wouldn't be as many words as Anne's though!
Which means that people won't have to get in so close to read it!!
Love the concept of this and I think it looks great!


Jackie said...

These are really great. Wow, you should do this and sale t-shirts!

I haven't been anywhere interesting enough to put on a shirt.

I hope your trip goes well and you have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Yu don't have to be/go anywhere interesting, it can be all in your own country. If you want to give me a list of places you've been to with an indication of how many times in each place, I will do one for you :)