Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My fellow nerd very good friend Bron loved the Travel WordArt I did for my daughter, so I suggested she give me a list of places she has been to and I'd make some up for her too. She asked me if I could do favourite composers instead, so I told her to list out her favourite composers then rank them out of 7, where 7 she loves the to bits, and 1, she still loves them but not as much as the sevens, and anything in between. 

Giving the words a rank, allows them to be bigger words, the higher they're ranked, the bigger the words, and it is what makes the WordArt work.

So the following images are Bron's favourite composers.  When she picks out a favourite, I'll be uploading it to redbubble as a Tshirt, Hoodie and/or Poster for her.  

I know Bron likes Black and white so the first one reflects that...

But I threw in a couple of coloured ones just in case she wants to move away from White on Black.

But then I felt guilty for doing so so did another one...

I used one of my photographs of a sunset and overlaid it on the image to get the variations of colour on this one.  I can change the hue to any colour one would like..

If you have a list of words that mean something to you, favourite music, favourite equipment, bands, cameras, travel, books, Authors, people - anything at all, list them down, rank them as above, and email it to me, and I'll do some WordArt for you.

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Morgan said...

Thanks Robyn. This looks great. Actually I like the second one you did with the autumn colours! Very cool.