Friday, January 25, 2013

The Bees of the Wild Lupins - Part 3

One of the things I love about my macro lens is that it shows me things that I would not usually see. I knew bees landed on flowers, and collected pollen, and I never thought twice how it would do that on a Lupin Flower until I saw it through my Macro Lens. Let me show you want I learnt!

Firstly, The Lupin flower head is made up of lots of pods.  These pods are actually closed - imagine a petal in a shape of an oblong bubble. The stamen is inside each pod. The bee flies to the pod..

And then proceeds to start opening the pod

This could take a bit of time depending if its been opened or not before..

 He opens the pod quite wide...

I thought he'd get into the pod, but no, he then...

pulls the stamen out and collects the honey.  Note that this particularly bee is so laden down with pollen, that when he tries to fly he simply drops in a crash...

And leaves pollen dripping off the pod! 

I did catch him again doing another pod - never gave up and those pollen sacs must be heavy.

Here's another one that isn't laden down with pollen... He alights on the pod which is closed...

Opens it up to expose the stamen.

Exposes everything so he can access it... 

then pulls himself up to collect the pollen...

Pretty amazing isn't it? It's also nice to know that honey bees are still out in force in the wild. We don't want anything happening to our bees as they do one of natures most important jobs, pollinating plants to ensure we can eat.


Jackie said...

Oh you are so so good. These photos are fabulous!

Please forgive me for being a busy body the other day about word verification. I had been struggling with it because it's so hard to see and then I got here and couldn't see the letters either.

So I went a little wacky. I do apologize!

Wow...Europe in 8 days,,,,good for you and I bet we get some awesome pictures from there!

Happy weekend! :D

Anonymous said...

No - I need to thank you - I hadn't realised I could take that verification off. Still moderating here though.

I took the moderation off on my photography blog though completely, and am beig swamped with spam, so thats going back on there!