Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Deaf Unfriendly Company

I ordered some photos from my favourite photographic place the other day. Their service is second to none, and the quality of images wonderful. They also don't mind communnicating via email when needed, and their deliveries are on time and quick. Wonderful company.

Shame I can't say the same thing about the courier company that delivers their products. Not for the first time the images I ordered simply didn't arrive. The tracking number thaat they had given me showed up nothing on my end.

A quick call to the photo company, ascertained the goods were delivered by the courier company on Wednesday at 5pm. Not to here they weren't. Unfortunately, it's not the first time this courier company has delivered to the wrong address - same street name, but different suburb, and despite putting the postcode and suburb clearly marked, they still deliver it to the incorrect address. I don't think courier drivers can read.

The photo company were wonderful as usual, have totally reprinted my order and put it on same day courier so I should have them tonight - their name is Frogprints and everyone should use them whenever they have images they need printing. They use archival quality photographic paper and often have great sales. They also have lots of other services and products, not just photographic printing.

Frogprints will be contacting the courier company and asking to recover their costs of the reprint. However, I logged onto the courier company website so I could make a complaint. Would you believe, the courier company are so deaf unfriendly, that the only way you can contact them is physically going into a branch, or phoning an 0800 number? There was no email contact whatsoever. How bad is that?

I've emailed frogprints and asked them to pass on my discontent on being so deaf unfriendly as well as the incorrect delivery. The company concerned? New Zealand Couriers . For a big company like that, you would expect they could do better, in both delivering the goods, and delivering cutsomer service.


kim said...

I have to agree. In this day and age, it's almost bizaare they don't have email tracking.


Anonymous said...

The NZC website does have an option to send e-mail queries, the top right hand of the home page and under the menu where it says "contact us"


Robyn said...

Hi Steve,

If you had taken the time to click on that top right hand email contact us, you would have found it took you to a page where it listed the branches, and clicking on those then gave you address and PHONE numbers of those branches.

Not one email address there.

Believe me - I tried.